I AM INCOMPLETE! I AM INCOMPLETE! He sat hunched over the newly finalised sketchbook page and read the words that had flowed through his pen as he frantically dispensed his stream of thoughts onto the paper surface. The words were positioned aside images of his performance works – this was his process…work…evaluate…review…refine…work…evaluate…review…refine. It was his first day back in the studio and he knew that the festive break had served to refresh his thoughts and view of the work he was making. Having consciously put the sketchbooks to one side over the break his reinvigorated vision of what was going on with the work was palpable as he delivered idea after idea, thought after thought hurriedly onto the vacant pages. The notes sped so quickly that he hardly had time to comprehend the meaning and so…he forced a break in order to look back over them…I AM INCOMPLETE! I AM INCOMPLETE! SWITCH He typed into the search field K-e-v-i-n M-e-l-i-a e-n-g-l-i-s-h t-e-a-c-h-e-r and pressed enter…nothing came up that would match the teacher he was trying to find…he deleted the words and tried again with a different variation but after several combinations and unfruitful attempts he sat back with a sigh. It had been a month now since he had seen her and just as he was about to forget about that piercing gaze, consign her to a pile of lost memories the message in the Metro had appeared. He reached back to the keyboard and typed B-l-u-e e-y-e-d l-a-d-y t-r-a-i-n SWITCH He sat with Sonny and Suzanne transfixed by the latest BBC Documentary on Bowie, he could see out of the corner of his eye that Sonny was growing slightly uneasy with the ‘Lazarus’ video featuring ‘Button Eyes’ and chose to divert his son’s attentions with an enquiry about whether it was time for a cup of tea. Piercing through the moment of dialogue, Bowie’s voice suddenly uttered something that seemed important. He grabbed the remote control and rewound the section. “I need to write this down.” He grabbed his sketchbook and scribbled a transcription of Bowie’s words, “I think it’s terribly dangerous for an artist to fulfil other people’s expectations. If you feel safe in the area you are working in - you are not working in the right area.  Always go a little further into the water than you feel you are capable of being in, go a little bit out of your depth and when you don’t feel that your feet are quite touching the bottom you are just about in the right place to do something exciting.” His son looked over, “What does that mean? Why are you writing it down?” Putting the pen down he got up and walked over to join his son on the sofa. “It’s about taking risks...” SWITCH 2 C O  A   T H     AN G E    RS ? This hints at the presence of two identities, with the hangers empty the costumes are transposed onto the figure? SWITCH The train finally arrived. Just 30 minutes earlier a lorry driver had ignored the ‘Low Bridge - Warning’ signs and had sheared the back of his artic clean off with a collision that had sounded like a bomb had been detonated. The bridge in question lead directly to the station and therefore the trains had all been delayed to assess the potential damage to the line. Boarding the train he looked up and down (this was now his routine) to see if she was there. Opting for a middle carriage seat he slumped down and got his earphones out. Before he could put them in his ears to blank the world out with sound something occurred that perturbed him instantly. “Good Morning, how are you today?” The old gentleman who had uttered these words was now waving a hand towards his face and waiting expectantly for a response. “Erm…I’m sorry…do I know you?” The man looked slightly hurt but continued to converse, “I see you…every morning…I see you.” Thinking for a moment about whether this could be connected to the Blue-Eyed Lady he pondered his next words carefully. “I haven’t seen you I’m afraid. Tell me, do you know who I am?” The old man looked momentarily out of the window and almost seemed to be searching for something, maybe it was a reflection, either his own or his fellow traveller’s, when he re-centred his gaze the old man spoke more purposefully than before. “I’ve often thought that people don’t see me, that I was invisible, …but you, you’re not…you’re Duke.” SWITCH (RECENTLY DISCOVERED) (PREVIOUSLY UNSEEN) I just ain’t got the power anymore SWITCH The switch on the kettle clicked and the steam filled the corner of the studio where he made his drinks. He knew what he was going to do today, he’d written the list out as always and set about arranging his desk for the tasks ahead. A knock at the door broke the silence and Dr Connie walked in. “Hello! Kettle on?”  Dr Connie was always cheerful and he had grown fond of their tea breaks and the dialogue that arose from them. He relied on Dr Connie to give an honest opinion on the work and on this occasion he talked her through his plan. After the description of his aims for the next couple of days she responded with a cautious tone, “Okay…be careful though and I’m not sure I want to see that when it’s done.” SWITCH He sat at the studio desk and googled Kevin Melia English Teacher again…nothing different, nothing more…he googled Blue-Eyed Lady on Train again…nothing different, nothing more…he googled Invisible Old Man on Train…nothing…SWITCH Duke Practices His Smile…DUKE IS HERE DUKE WAS HERE…Which one is Duke?