The month of May…Preparations for the show at CSM are underway and as I was asked to exhibit my sketchbooks as part of the installation I decided to sneak in some of the most recent additions to the growing number of pages. I've been preparing work for a residency later in the year related to Comedy and Pain with more than a passing interest in Slapstick. Centred around a 'fall' (repetition...routine...repetition) I have been thinking about two parallel pieces: - (1) On stage (2) Backstage...very early days but it is all part of the growing body of work so I'm willing to take a risk and test it now. SWITCH Found an article on a great exhibition ART FAILURE in Art Monthly (2007) - must remember to look up David Critchley's 'Pieces I Never Did' (1979) SWITCH Thinking about my favourite Chaplin film 'City Lights' might watch it later (final scene always strikes the tear ducts...Chaplin acts it superbly) but need to make notes on the physical routines more importantly. SWITCH Hotel booked for the opening tomorrow night Carlton on Birkenhead Street - really close to Kings Cross, so shouldn't get lost. SWITCH Roger Sabin e-mailed to arrange an early afternoon meet tomorrow before the evening event. I picked up a badge from the 'About The Young Idea' exhibition at Somerset House - remember to pack it and give it to him. Keep forgetting. Roger maintains The Jam were a punk band...I on the other hand will have none of it...punks in suits, tuning their guitars? I think not! It's a Mod Mod world brothers and sisters all the way SWITCH Must remember a pork pie hat is required for the next stage of the rehearsals. SWITCH Suzanne just reminded me that I have tickets to see The Stairs next weekend - make a note! SWITCH "Six years worth of sketchbooks laid out in front of me here" I uttered this thought out loud to Susan as we looked at the selected pages for display in the show. "Six years and the interesting thing when you compare them all is in the first one I just haven's got it at all. I'm just not there. Somehow though it needs to be here I think." Still thinking out loud I looked across at Susan, "Yes" she said "I think it does". SWITCH Opening night at CSM tonight, now at hotel after checking and making final alterations on the sketchbook pages - it's looking 'as planned' and I can do no more...on with the show! SWITCH Gustav Metzger...Grayson Perry and Jimmy Sommerville are here - it's very busy and the place is buzzing, buzzing and buzzing SWITCH Human cats relax on upscaled activity station. SWITCH Drinks with head of research and long conversations with various curators and connected people. SWITCH Introduced to an artist who states that he is 'aroused by the human cats' SWITCH Lights flash - people chat -performers perform - introductions, 'come and meet...' 'come and meet...' - painting, sculpture, video, installation, mixed media, painting, sculpture SWITCH "I've just read your interview on UAL news page. Really interesting work!" SWITCH In the hotel exhausted and desperate for tea. Jools Holland is on TV and I need to sleep - the sound of the Last Shadow Puppets sends me on my way SWITCH Kings Cross 5.13am the cool greys of the morning play out a muted scene as a handful of early morning pastel figures navigate their way through my eye-line from the hotel window...although it's quiet now the air is pregnant with the hurly burly that will shortly ensue. My head tingling with a combination of fatigue and excitement...I need tea SWITCH Journey home and spent time making notes about a new 'custard pie' idea...public space I think!? SWITCH Recalled a conversation from last night with Roger "This new piece on slapstick? You're not going to hurt yourself are you?" I responded instantly "Hopefully yes...and then I thought I'd do it again, and again, and again." SWITCH Wedding anniversary coming up 16 years and I just love the girl absolutely love the girl SWITCH Twitter followers are growing from the show in London. Been asked to present to MA and PhD students in June and thinking of presenting something that starts now and works backwards to the very first germ of an idea I had in relation to a project on comedy AS IS NOW! SWITCH Quiet night listening to “Lady in Satin” I get along without you very well of course, I do – except perhaps in spring but I shouldn’t think of spring because that would surely break my heart in two SWITCH e-mail from Rina about the funding bid for the new work - can’t believe how good she is – level of support amazing. Summary notes about our discussion. A list of journals that you could publish in - we should have a talk in the future about putting the article together and choosing journals etc. You work in at least two subject areas: comedy, and performance practice. But your primary interest in comedy seems to be in its performatics (the study of performance). Three papers of mine, listed in order of recommended reading. They do touch on aspects we talked about. The third article is about violence, which is related to pain. Let me know how you get on. Best wishes, Rina SWITCH Remembering the first time I met Rina we talked about Weller and Morrissey…List of the Lost…all those great lyrics SWITCH Still working on costume for the new performances and sketching ideas SWITCH Break in Wales before the new month…Lampeter…swimming in sub-zero sea and feeling normal - this is what people do SWITCH It’s June tomorrow got up early and got a message from Cat Fuller with link to The Guardian report that Tesco’s limited edition Pink Vinyl pressing of The Jam’s ‘Sound Affects’ for Father’s Day has caused a nationwide scramble amongst the Jam army…never underestimate a Jam Fan! One Fan travelled 200 miles at 2am to get hold of a copy. Take Sonny to our local Tesco without any hope of securing a copy…SWITCH No-one here knows what they are missing! Delighted to acquire my pink version of one of the greatest set of songs ever committed to vinyl…”Oh baby I’m dreaming of Monday” SWITCH